My name is Matthew McNulty and I had my first grand mal seizure in school when I was 11 years old and diagnosed with EPILEPSY. I will be 16 years old in April 2010. My family and I hoped that I would grow out of this condition but I still have seizures 3-6 times a month and small seizures different times throughout the day.

I have been put on the list for a Canine Assistant Dog, specifically a Seizure Alert Dog. If they find a match I will spend 3 weeks in Pennsylvania training with the dog. This dog will help me in many different ways. If I have a seizure and a stranger helps me, the information on the dog will instruct them on how to assist me. If I have a seizure while I am ever alone, the dog can alert someone to help me. Most importantly, the dog will be able to detect the seizure before it happens. The dog will warn me so I can put myself in a safe place while the seizures occurs.

These dogs are specialized and very expensive. Although they are sponsored by large companies, I am responsible for some of the cost.

I have created this organization “Dogs for Independence” not only for myself but for others that could benefit with a canine assistance dog.

100% of your donation will go directly towards receiving the special dog and to support the canine training center in Pennsylvania.

Thank you very, very much!

Matt McNulty

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